Style Diary: Sweet Peach

I was going to wait on posting until I've finally finished redecorating/rebranding my blogs (I consider my twitter and IG as blogs too) but the backlogs and thought journals I have in my Google Keep are starting to pile up. These need to be posted soon while they are still relevant to me. That being... Continue Reading →


Haiku Games Puzzle Adventure

  In my previous posts I have shared a few puzzle games that I liked. I am constantly looking for more.. in fact I have played several escape room apps. That's when Haiku Games came up in my recommended games. Unlike other adventure puzzle games where you mostly find hidden items, they mostly make adventure... Continue Reading →

To My Future Self

November 19, 2015 Hi. I hope you are doing what you love right now. Do you still remember me? I hope you do. This is probably one of the low points in your life and I hope it made a great impact into what you are today. I am writing this just in case you... Continue Reading →

Makeup Diary: Finally

I have always been a makeup enthusiast, but you can't tell immediately. I can't say I'm surprised because even in real life I would usually sport the "no makeup" makeup look. I don't own loads of makeup either. I'm not even big on makeup brands. As long as it good and it works, I'm happy... Continue Reading →

Style Diary: Ready for Combat

Let's take a break from the #adulting stuff... we'll keep today's post light with a style diary! I was going through the boxes again (which by the way is still a mess) and found the boots along with my other old stuff. Now if you've spent quite a bit of time browsing through outfits in... Continue Reading →

Moments to Treasure

I have written this post before the Into the Tunnel series but obviously things came up and I had to publish those first. Reading it again makes me think that it is a perfect New Year post. Instead of looking at the horrible things that happened this year, it is better to cherish the moments... Continue Reading →

Into the Tunnel Part 2

Yep. Part Dos. I have to update the other post now. When I wrote that I did not expect to write a second part. Funny how things can get turned around quickly and unexpectedly. I was going to post a different one but the internet connection won't cooperate so I just gave up. It seems... Continue Reading →

Into the Tunnel Part One

Last April, we went to this exhibit at UP Vargas entitled "Reverb" by Mark Justiniani. It was awesome! I loved it mainly because I have always been fascinated by optical illusions. I also loved how each exhibit makes you think to the point where you wouldn't notice you've been staring at it for so long.... Continue Reading →

The Good and The Bad

I love looking back at my old posts. Whenever I read them I feel like she's a different person.. Someone who has things figured out. But I know better. I have made a promise to myself that I would only post encouraging and positive posts in this blog, mainly because I know the future me... Continue Reading →

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