Games! Haiku Games Puzzle Adventure

In my previous posts, I have shared a few puzzle games that I liked. I am constantly looking for more.. In fact I have played several escape room apps. That’s when Haiku Games came up in my recommended games.

Unlike other adventure puzzle games where you mostly find hidden items, they mostly make adventure escape games. You really have to find clues and figure out locks and codes. I like that they have stories as well. They make it more interesting. 

If you want a puzzle game to pass the time I think this is a good one to play. It’s not very complicated to the point of making your head hurt but not too easy either.

Check out Haiku Games here!

Click here if you’re interested to see what other games I liked. Until next time!


To My Future Self

November 19, 2015


I hope you are doing what you love right now.

Do you still remember me? I hope you do. This is probably one of the low points in your life and I hope it made a great impact into what you are today. I am writing this just in case you forget, or starting to become like me again.

I feel miserable. I don’t feel like I have a purpose in life, but you – you have found it. I know, because that’s what they say. It will all turn all right after those dark days. Please don’t let it slip in your fingers. Hold on to it. It’s a bad place, where I am. I’m constantly thinking that I’m basically a living dead. Huh. Worse than a zombie.

I’ve always wanted that forward button, so I can skip all these. But no. Aside from it not being possible, I have to endure all these. For you. To be who you are right now. Please don’t waste all the moments, all the tears I shed just to be the strong person that you are today.

You are loved. Don’t think otherwise. If not by your family and friends, there’s God. Funny I say that, even though right now I don’t feel it. But you do, right? The past me, a younger past you, was able to feel that. It’s my own fault really. I closed my heart. Don’t ever close yours again.

I am miserable now, but I look forward to the day that I become you. Happy and strong with faith.

Until we meet.

21 year old you.

MUe Diary: Finally a Makeup Look Post

“Why MUe?” you might ask. It stands for makeup enthusiast. I can’t call myself an MUA out of respect to the awesome makeup artists out there. I’m just a simple girl who likes makeup. 

I have always been a makeup enthusiast, but you can’t tell immediately (hence the small “e” in MUe). I can’t say I’m surprised because even in real life I would usually sport the “no makeup” makeup look. I don’t own loads of makeup either. I’m not even big on makeup brands. As long as it good and it works, I’m happy with it even if it’s cheap. I say I’m an enthusiast because I love what makeup does to people. I’m awed by its power to lift someone’s confidence and self esteem.

I have the type of face where you would mistake me for a teenager especially when I don’t have makeup on. I still haven’t decided if I would take it as a compliment or not. It has its perks, but in the professional world it doesn’t. I find people doesn’t take me seriously because I look so young. Other people use makeup to make themselves look younger but I do the opposite. I guess what I’m trying to say is that whenever I feel like I need something to boost me, I would defer to makeup. I would “put my battle face on.” 

Another thing that I like about makeup is it calms me down. It takes my mind off of things. It’s very much like drawing and painting except that the canvas is your face. Take these photos for example. At the time I didn’t have plans to go out or party. I was just bored so I decided to put makeup on and take a few photos. 

I’m only using my phone to take photos so it looks a bit different than the actual but if you are curious, the products I used are:

Eyes: San San Eyeshadows, San San Eyebrow Pencil, Fashion 21 mascara

Face: Shawill BB Cream, Simply Pretty Face Powder, Careline Blush On

Lips: Kissproof

I first posted this makeup look on Instagram a while back. It is actually the first one I posted since creating the new account. I have another makeup look posted there too if you wanna check it out. 

Have a great week ahead!


Style Diary: Ready for Combat

Let’s take a break from the #adulting stuff… we’ll keep today’s post light with a style diary!

I was going through the boxes again (which by the way is still a mess) and found the boots along with my other old stuff. Now if you’ve spent quite a bit of time browsing through outfits in Instagram and Pinterest you’d see a lot of gorgeous ones that features combat boots. An idea came to me and I knew I had to try and style it.

I couldn’t think of anything in my wardrobe that would look good with the boots. Then I saw the top from my sister’s closet and the pants from my cousin’s and voila! The perks of having other girls (your size) in the house.

I really like this outfit so much I’ve worn it more than twice now.

That’s it for now! I’m not sure what to post next, unless something inspires me it might be another style diary post again. I have a lot of backlogs for that πŸ™ˆ

Til next week!


Moments to Treasure

I have written this post before the Into the Tunnel series but obviously things came up and I had to publish those first. Reading it again makes me think that it is a perfect New Year post. Instead of looking at the horrible things that happened this year, it is better to cherish the moments that made us feel good. 

I want to share something dear to me: the Neko that tugged my heart.

I referred to him as “the kitten” for a while when the word “Neko” slipped out. “Neko” is the Japanese word for “cat”. I didn’t really want to give him a name because I told myself I shouldn’t be attached. At the time, I knew I wasn’t ready to have a pet again. A lot was happening then and I knew owning one entails responsibilities.

Who could resist such a cutie though? He was a really sweet kitten, and he makes me smile even though I am super stressed out.

Unfortunately, Neko passed because of an unknown illness and we couldn’t do anything about it. I cried buckets that day. I’ve always considered myself as someone who doesn’t deal well with loss which is the main reason I try to stay unattached to something or someone. But this time it’s different. Suddenly a calmness overcame me and I realized: I was still glad I got the chance to spend time with him. Yes, at first it felt like all the good things are taken away from me but that wasn’t the case. He came into my life unexpectedly but in perfect timing because I was so close to breaking down. 

He reminded me that there are no accidents in life. Everything happens for a reason. I know that’s such a clichΓ© already but its true and yet we always forget. I feel Neko came in that specific point in my life to lift my spirit.

Besides, he left me with a gift. The little moments I shared with Neko would always make me smile and I would treasure them forever. I’m glad I was able to capture some of them. They warm my heart everytime I watch it.

2016 has been the year of losses, but ironically with that loss I gained something else: wisdom. This year I have been thrown out of my comfort zone and into the messy world that is adulthood. I am grateful because I was able to achieve things I was uncertain I could even do. This year I finished all the requirements for graduation, landed on a job and got my first paycheck. I pray 2017 would help me as I further discover myself and find my true calling in life. I pray we all find more moments to treasure.

Have a great year ahead!


P.S. I uploaded the video of my moments with Neko on YouTube. If you wanna check it out, click here.

P.P.S. I’d also love to hear from you! Let me know if you’ve experienced the same thing. You are not alone! Email me at or comment below. πŸ™‚

Into the Tunnel Part 2

Yep. Part Dos. I have to update the other post now. When I wrote that I did not expect to write a second part. Funny how things can get turned around quickly and unexpectedly. I was going to post a different one but the internet connection won’t cooperate so I just gave up. It seems like today’s post was meant for this.

I said in the last one I should hope for the best and push on, maybe someday I’ll find a flashlight to guide me. Well, I pushed on, but I didn’t find a flashlight. While fumbling around I found… 

A door. Literally and figuratively.

The day after Into the Tunnel Part 1 was published, I woke up early. I decided that I wanted to eat McDonald’s for breakfast so I went to the nearest one which was at a mall. They had wifi so I took the time to browse for job openings. I wanted one that is only temporary; something to pass the time and gain experience while making a bit of money. I found quite a few that matches my skills and background but nothing that really piques my interest. I have been sitting there for about three hours with my coffee long gone so I decided to walk around since the mall was already open by then. 

That’s when I found a job ad on the door of a cafe and cake shop. I didn’t even read the ad thoroughly. When I saw the word “barista” I immediately decided I’m going to apply there. I have always wanted to try to be a barista. I thought it would be a good temporary job. I’d share my application experience but this is already becoming long so that’s for another post. 

So long story short, I applied. But I didn’t get the barista job. They wanted me as a management trainee and I agreed without thinking it through. Bear in mind that I haven’t applied to any job before so I wasn’t really familiar with all the things I should do. In my mind I was only planning short term but I’m suddenly offered this job so I thought it would be a good opportunity and I should grab it. 

One week in and I noticed they do not have a proper organizational structure yet and their operations needs improvement. It’s difficult especially since I have no idea what to do. I’m constantly at a loss. There were moments where I question whether I made the right decision but this is part of going out of your comfort zone. Thanks to the support of my friends and family, I would get through this. They remind me that this is for my growth.

My goal is to have a great impact on this company and leave my mark. That’s a good mindset, right? There’s a lot to improve in that company which is a challenge. Challenges are good. I’m nervous, but I’ve gone this far so I should put my game face on. Let’s see where this tunnel leads.

The door in the tunnel leads to another tunnel. It’s still scary and dark, but not as much as before because now I can see a faint light at the distance. Moral: Don’t lose hope. But most importantly, get up and act if you want a change in your life. There is hope. I have to keep reminding myself that. 

Cheers to a new beginning! Happy holidays everyone!


Into the Tunnel Part One

Last April, we went to this exhibit at UP Vargas entitled “Reverb” by Mark Justiniani. It was awesome! I loved it mainly because I have always been fascinated by optical illusions. I also loved how each exhibit makes you think to the point where you wouldn’t notice you’ve been staring at it for so long. Well, at least that’s how I felt personally. Yes, these photos are that old. I guess I haven’t posted them immediately because I was waiting until I finally have the inspiration to write this post.

All these papers

I am literally one paper away from graduation and I don’t know how I feel about it. I should be happy because after six years in the university I am finally at the finish line. But I feel… lost. Scared. It feels as though I’m in front of a tunnel whose end destination I can’t see. There is only darkness. Where are those two roads diverged in a yellowed wood that Frost was talking about? At least in that poem he could actually see what’s on the road even though the he can’t also see the end of it. Here at the tunnel I’m fumbling around not knowing if it leads somewhere or if it’s just a dead end.

A Road Before Me

I am finally graduating and yet I haven’t got any idea on what to do next. I’m not the only one who has this problem right? It seems like all my friends have plans and goals which they are achieving one by one.

I could go back. I can stay tunnel entrance and live there. But that’s not a good option, is it? I have to push on and hope for the best. Somebody might have left a flashlight or a lamp somewhere to help me. Who knows. Until then, I just have to make sure that my journey will be worthwhile. Somehow.

Into the tunnel

My recent posts have a theme: lost and stuck. I have this habit of writing in a way that is pessimistic yet trying to be optimistic and it gets confusing most of the time. I used to be quite self conscious about it that’s why I find it difficult to write but now I try not to mind it. No holding back and just letting my thoughts pour. This is what my blog is intended for.

So far I’ve been posting on schedule! I have a few Style Diary backlogs, maybe I’ll post that next. Until then,