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Style Diary: Sweet Peach

I was going to wait on posting until I've finally finished redecorating/rebranding my blogs (I consider my twitter and IG as blogs too) but the backlogs and thought journals I have in my Google Keep are starting to pile up. These need to be posted soon while they are still relevant to me. That being said these photos were… Continue reading Style Diary: Sweet Peach


Games! Haiku Games Puzzle Adventure

  In my previous posts, I have shared a few puzzle games that I liked. I am constantly looking for more.. In fact I have played several escape room apps. That's when Haiku Games came up in my recommended games. Unlike other adventure puzzle games where you mostly find hidden items, they mostly make adventure… Continue reading Games! Haiku Games Puzzle Adventure

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MUe Diary: Finally a Makeup Look Post

"Why MUe?" you might ask. It stands for makeup enthusiast. I can't call myself an MUA out of respect to the awesome makeup artists out there. I'm just a simple girl who likes makeup.  I have always been a makeup enthusiast, but you can't tell immediately (hence the small "e" in MUe). I can't say… Continue reading MUe Diary: Finally a Makeup Look Post


Moments to Treasure

I have written this post before the Into the Tunnel series but obviously things came up and I had to publish those first. Reading it again makes me think that it is a perfect New Year post. Instead of looking at the horrible things that happened this year, it is better to cherish the moments… Continue reading Moments to Treasure