Waiting VS. Punctuality

To be late or not to be late..

Which would you choose?

Let’s say you have a practice for some play today. You were told that it starts at 9:00 AM. But you knew that almost all of the people who are part of that play are always late. What would you do? Would you still go there at exactly nine o’clock or be late like the others?

The first time I went to that practice, I did the former. At exactly nine o’clock, I was already at the meeting place, only to find out that no one was there yet. I didn’t mind at first. I thought they were on their way. So I sat there and waited. An hour had passed, only three person arrived. There are thirteen of us, by the way. By eleven o’clock, eight of us were there. Only then did we commence the practice.

I can’t help but feel disappointed.. And irritated, too. The one thing I hate is waiting. I mean, thirty minutes is okay, but two hours? How would you feel if you were alone sitting there, waiting for hours? I felt my time was wasted. I wished I brought a book or something. Good thing I brought my phone, I had something to play with.


We have another practice today. As I write this, I’m still deciding on whether to still be early or be late like them. I wanted to go early. I hate late-comers so being late will only make me a hypocrite. But then, I don’t want to wait that long again. The only solution I could think of is to be late, but still come earlier that the others. I know I have my standards, but sometimes, I feel the need to conform to the standards of the people around me. If their clock is an hour late, then I think I have to adjust my clock as well.


(Updated  Jan 15, 2013)

Several months had passed since I posted this. I have learned much since then. When I stumbled upon this post again, I felt the need to share what I realized about the things I mentioned here.

“The one thing I hate is waiting… I felt my time was wasted.” Later on I realized that instead of wasting my time brooding over how wasted my time was, I should use thatfor more important things: praising and talking to God. I learned that those  dull moments are great opportunities to stay connected with God. Like what was said in the song While I’m Waiting by John Waller,

I will serve you while I’m waiting

I will worship while I’m waiting on You, Lord…

“I know I have my standards, but sometimes, I feel the need to conform to the standards of the people around me.” I was very wrong about this. According to Romans 12:2, Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Was I should have done was to still stand up to what was right and set the example.


One of God’s way to teach us is through past experiences. That is why I think it is a great idea to have a journal of thoughts. That way, when I reread my entries I’d be able to learn and realize something out of it. I hope you will, too.


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