The Real Thing

Popularity contests are not truth contests. . .  Your task is to be true, not popular. 

Luke 6:26 MSG

From a distance, they look like the real thing–nonfat cream cheese, diet soda, imitation crab, veggie burgers. But, one taste exposes them for what they really are–imposters.

Imposters are not confined to the shelves of your grocery store. There may be an imposter sitting next to you in history class, competing against you in track, or even staring back at you when you look in the mirror. From a distance these people look like the real thing. They appear to have it all together, to be self-assured, the life of the party. It seems like they’re living life from the heart of who they are.

In truth their heart is filled with fear. They’re afraid that if people catch a glimpse of who they really are–with all of their faults, insecurities, and imperfections–they’ll be rejected or ridiculed. The reality is, they may. Fear drives people to snub and make fun of others, as well as to put on a false front themselves.

God sees through it all. He created each person as an individual and wants each individual to follow His example of authenticity. God never puts on a false front, pretending to be more or less than who He is. When God introduced himself to Moses, He said, “I am who I am.” Forever and always, God has been and will be authentically himself.

Risk being real. God asks for no more, and no less, from you. When you give up trying to impress others and simply be yourself, something wonderful happens. You can relax and enjoy life. Meanwhile, you’ll discover that others are drawn to your God-centered joy and authenticity. Refuse to be and imposter. Be the one-of-a-kind miracle God designed you to be.

taken from Daily Grace For Teens


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