Shopping Scheme to Save Money

I Love Shopping!!!

..but that doesn’t mean I shop a lot.

I’m a very thrifty person. Well, in my situation, I have to be. I’m still a student; broke and jobless. My parents earn just enough for our basic needs, so the allowance they give me isn’t really that much. As a result, whenever I go out to buy something, I make sure that it’s worth it. So, as much as I would like to buy all kinds of clothes, accessories and makeups.. I can’t. Unless I magically win the lottery and become a multimillionaire, I won’t be able to get these unnecessary luxuries. I don’t do lotteries, so it’s impossible for me to win. That’s why I chose to make my shopping scheme. It’s not that grand. This is just a reminder to myself whenever I want to go shopping.

My shopping scheme:

1. Know your prospects. Window shopping is such a great opportunity to know what you’re gonna buy. Make a list of shops that has the product that you wanted. If possible, take pictures. At home, compare prices and qualities. Sort of like in America’s Next Top Model. Choose the best among them.

2. Watch out for a sale. Seriously, this has to be the most basic of all basics. Buy stuff for lower price. But be careful. Sometimes people tend to panic and buy stuff that they don’t really need.

3. Try Ukay-ukay (bargain stores/second-hand stores/thrift stores). Don’t look down on these stores. There’s a lot of oldies but goodies in a much cheaper price there. Be mindful though, especially in the clothes. Wash them carefully.

4. Settle for one. You don’t need two of everything. Or three.

5. Stay simple. You don’t need that much clothes and accessories. Mix and match what you already have.

6. Brands are nothing. Brands don’t really matter. The products are. As long as it has good quality, it’s perfect.

You can say this is my way of talking myself out of shopping. Actually, it works. But not always. I deserve to spoil myself sometimes. πŸ™‚


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