Dealing with Problems

How do we deal with problems?

I read about this story about a chicken farmer. His land was constantly flooded and waters would rise up onto his chicken coops. Of course, when this happens he moves his chickens to a higher place. But most of time chickens drown because he couldn’t take them up in time. This was really frustrating in the farmer’s part because he was slowly losing his source of living. One day, he couldn’t take it anymore that he exclaimed, “I don’t know what to do! I can’t afford to buy another farm. No one would want to buy our farm. What should I do?!” You know what his wife told him? She calmly said, “Go buy ducks.”

God doesn’t give us problems that we couldn’t solve. He knows our capabilities. He always provides a solution. Sometimes, we just have to think outside the box. John C. Maxwell said that the ability to creatively find solutions will determine the success or failure of each difficulty. The wife’s solution to his husband’s problem was creative at the same time practical. She used their situation to be able to benefit from it. In the same manner, we should try to change our way of thinking. Instead of brooding over how God gives us difficult problems, why not thank Him for giving us challenges that could help us grow not only as a person, but most especially, as a Christian?


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