DIY: My Planner

I just can’t seem to find the perfect planner for me. There are plenty of good ones out there, but it’s either (!)their too expensive, or (2) it’s too cute that I can’t bring myself to use it for the fear of messing it up. So I decided to make a planner by myself. The good thing about DIY’s is that you can customize it according to your personal preference, making it very much useful than store-bought planners.


This is how my DIY Planner looks like. I think the pink and yellow felt foam I used for the cover is super adorable.


I used a round velcro for the lock, and lavender colored papers for the pages.


This is how it looks like when opened, I made some sort of pocket in the right for my sketch book (which was also a DIY using notepads).



This is basically the pattern for all the months’ pages.


I also made pockets for my to-do list sheets.


The other half of my planner is for my blog ideas and schedules.


Close up of blog planner…


At the back, I place some notepads for scratch and reminders.

All in all, I’m glad I made this planner. It’s easy to bring to school as it isn’t as bulky and heavy like some store-bought ones. Also, it’s really simple and chic!


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