BlogLovin and Giveaway Alert :D

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Yeah.. I finally joined Bloglovin! At first I didn’t want to, but sometimes my WordPress Reader just won’t work properly and Bloglovin is a great alternative to keep me updated about posts from different kinds of blogs I follow. (To tell you the truth, I joined mainly because of ReNu’s Giveaway. heehee. I just found out about its usefulness after that. :D)

Speaking of which, ReNu from My Beauty Junction is having her first ever birthday giveaway!!! If you want to win awesome beauty goodies, be sure to join! Click here to go to her site. If you are not interested in giveaways, follow her blog anyways! My Beauty Junction is a must follow if you’re into beauty, nails and makeup blog. Let’s support her! 🙂


One thought on “BlogLovin and Giveaway Alert :D

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, sweetie! I’m so chuffed you like my blog 🙂 About the shoes – I bought them locally in India. The brands are Clark’s, Tresmode, Catwalk and Nell. Not expensive, but they last like anything and are comfy despite the heels 🙂


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