Style Diary: Inspiration


One of the most common problems faced by every girl is this: what to wear. I know the feeling because I, too, have spent countless hours in front of our closet trying to decide on an outfit. Most of the time I’ll get frustrated and just settle for the usual jeans and t-shirt. I started to take pictures of my outfits in order to resolve this problem. They served as my inspirations whenever I can’t decide for an outfit and let me tell you, it helped a lot. When OOTDs became a thing, I found it as a great opportunity to share my outfits – not to boast about my wardrobe or anything (My wardrobe isn’t really something to brag about) – but to express my style and hopefully inspire other people’s outfits as well. It’s also a great way for me to see how my style evolved through time. Every once in a while I will post some of my outfits which I hope you’ll enjoy. This one in particular is something I’d wear for church or some smart casual party. The black bolero I wore over the dress made the outfit more put together but effortless which I really like. I paired them with an orange bag in an attempt to bring out the blue geometrical pattern on the dress.

Do you post you’re own OOTDs? I’d like to check them out. Comment below!

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