My 2015 Planner

wrangler 2015 planner

Usually, I make my own planner because I like it light and minimalistic (see DIY Planner post) but I had a lot in my hands so I didn’t really have enough time to make one. Store bought planners – the good ones by the way – are way out of my budget though. Oh the dilemma. I really need a planner because it helps me keep track of the things I should do otherwise I’ll forget and cram. Fortunately for me, my cousin gave me this Wrangler 2015 planner. Problem solved!

The planner itself is very simple and straight forward. What I like most about this is the theme because it is very much in line with my plans for this 2015: adventure.

Wrangler planner cover

It’s hardbound with a dark blue denim cover which reflects light so sometimes it looks grayish. It has a rubber band for binding and a ribbon with a Wrangler charm for bookmark. I don’t really use the ribbon bookmark though because of this awesome magnetic bookmark shaped like a pocket. It’s a very handy tool, just clip it between the monthly and weekly pages view for easier access.

magnetic book,ark

The first few pages are for notes with very light lines you almost can’t see them. I like this because it’s kind of multi-purpose: the lines won’t distract whenever I draw on it so it’s like a sketch pad, but when I need to write – say a journal or blog idea – I still have guides. You can easily rip out the pages too because they’re perforated.

wrangler planner - notes page

For every month there are different photos and either quotes about adventures or trivias about wrangler.

wrangler planner - month title page

Here is what the month-at-a-glance looks like. The only thing I dislike about this is the background image. It would’ve been better if it was plain in my opinion. That way there would be less distraction from what I will write in the boxes.


This is the week-at-a-glance spread.

wrangler planner - week at a glance

At the back there is a page for emergency information and also the 2015 and 2016 year-at-a-glance.

wrangler planner - emergency information wrangler planner - year at a glance

I hope you like today’s post!

‘Til next week!


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