Event Ideas: Nautical Theme

Nautical themes are quite popular nowadays. I am not surprised; its simplicity and class with splashes of color is a really great combination especially for parties or events.

In today’s post I will share with you the nautical dining room designs UP Society for Hotel and Restaurant Progress made for their annual Chocolate Buffet. They really did a really good job on it, hopefully you will be inspired about decor ideas for your own parties or events.

nautical dining room design

Everything is obviously centered around the nautical theme as observed by the color palette used (blue, red, white, yellow). They also placed lifesavers and railings on the wall.

nautical centerpiece and table napkin

The table centerpieces were popsicle-stick-boxes that contained a small fish bowl (it’s actually a drinking glass called roly poly) with blue colored water and a little boat made of corks and banner inside. The lighthouse beside it which held the menu card was made out of tissue paper rolls and colored papers. Twines and shells were added inside the box to make it seem full. The table napkins were held by a rope tied in a sailor knot to really have that nautical vibe.

nautical chair design

They also put printed anchors at the back of each chair which I think was a really neat idea.

nautical buffet table design

This was how the buffet table looked like, it was still empty because I took these pictures before the event started.

nautical buffet table centerpiece

SS Chocolette is the name of the actual function. How cute is this? They used light brown sugar for the “sand.”

Thank you for reading today’s post! See you on the next one πŸ™‚


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