Style Diary: Going Purple

It’s already summer time here in the Philippines and it’s freaking humid! Unlike in previous years, I wasn’t really looking forward for this summer because we still have to go to class as opposed to last year where we have summer vacations. This was caused by the academic shift of UP Diliman (school year was moved from June – April to August – May). Who would want to spend their summer in a classroom? Summer is best spent traveling to the beach or even in parks to get that cool breeze.

…which brings us to today’s OOTD πŸ™‚

OOTD Field Trip 3

These were taken a while back (my hair was much shorter then) when I went to Intramuros for some leisurely tour with my Mom. Apparently she and her friends haven’t really toured the place before and asked if I wanted to come with them to take pictures. I wasn’t really busy at the time so I went even though I’ve been there several times from past school trips.

OOTD Field Trip 2

OOTD Field Trip 1

OOTD Field Trip 4

Hope you have a great day! See you in the next post!


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