Event Ideas: Fancy Street and Beach Banquet

Hey hey hey! Today’s post brings you another event/function decor ideas! We’ve done a lot of functions for our course requirement where I saw a lot of great ideas from what my classmates have done so I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully these will inspire you for your function or event.

Fancy Street

We used these decors in our function called Citylights. For this function, we had to decorate our classroom where we will serve menu items that the class prepared. The theme we initially planned was actually British, which we had to change because of some problems. The city lights/fancy street theme was whipped up at the last minute but thankfully we managed to make it work in the end. Basically we went for a minimalist black, white and red color scheme and featured city lights, thus the skyline on the walls.

Citylights wall design

Citylights waiting area

Citylights table centerpiece

Beach Banquet

This one we made as a demo table setting  during our class catering expo. Based on the expo’s theme which is beach, we did was a slightly formal and romantic type of centerpiece and table setting.

beach banquet table setting

beach centerpiece

I’m quite interested in these kind of stuff so expect future posts like this! See y’all next time! 🙂



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