Head Over Heels!

Pinterest is one of the first things I open during  my downtime and I absolutely love it! There I find great ideas for school projects, blog posts and even random stuff that I find interesting. In fact, most of my DIY post are actually inspired by pins. There’s a lot of awesome beautiful things in there.

Recently, I checked out my boards and found that I have 100+ pins on shoes! Yes, I’m one those girls who adores shoes because first of all, they are so beautiful and second, I need the additional height those heels give. I’m a petite girl (only 5′ tall) who is constantly teased by others that I still look like a high school girl. I’m not bothered by these like before but I guess wearing heels kinda give me much more confidence, plus it promotes good posture too. Not to mention it’s a very good leg work out.

Unfortunately enough, I don’t really have the chance wear them often especially in school where a lot of walking is made. I just take pleasure in pinning them in my board.

Come check it out and see whether we have the same taste with shoes!


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