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Window Shopping at Boutique of Molly

Online shops are the best when it comes to window shopping. No walking around, you just click and scroll (and pin them on your Pinterest board for future reference :P). Very convenient, don’t you think?

“Boutique of Molly is a business that prides itself on bringing you the latest celebrity inspired trends straight to your screen. We offer a variety of luxury garments at low prices with new styles added daily”

Boutique of Molly reached out to me through Twitter and I decided to browse their collections. I actually liked several pieces, but of course I can’t really buy all of them at once hence this wishlist. I was hoping you could help me choose which one is the best 🙂

boutique of molly faves collage
I love their dress collection! There were so much to choose from. 1. Aria Lace Denim Skater Dress | 2. Wine Swing Dress | 3. Maia Striped Bodycon Dress | 4. Floral Shift Dress | 5. Black Tailored Blazer | 6. Aztec Bodycon Dress
the blush blouse 1995
The Blush Blouse. I believe this is one of their best sellers, and I can see why.

Help me choose! What do you think would be the best pick?

If you’re interested, you can check more of their clothing items through their website (

Til next time!



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