Finding the Blogging Mojo CHALLENGE!

I’ve always had the on and off relationship with my blog. Simply Caramelle is up for about four years now, yet I’ve only blogged for – at most – half of those time.

Find YourBloggingMojo

I really try my best to post here often, but I don’t like to write when I’m not in the mood. Not to mention I’m not a good writer. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist which results to a lot of unfinished and unpublished draft posts. I try to edit whenever I can, but I kind of take my time which is actually a bad thing because oftentimes it takes weeks for me to be satisfied and publish that 100-word long post.

Don’t get me wrong. I really love my thought portal. It’s the one place I can share my thoughts and the things I love to do.. who would want to abandon that?

how to blog more often

Yes, in an attempt to solve my dilemma I tried to consult the almighty Google and it’s vast knowledge. With 536,000,000 (wooah) results I was positive I’d be able to find good tips on blogging more often. But after typing that, I realized the question is the answer itself… and I felt stupid.

How to blog more often? BLOG MORE OFTEN.

Sometimes the solution to our problems are very simple. We just make it complicated.

So yeah. I know this is quite random but this post will make it official.

I’m challenging myself to post EVERYDAY for ONE MONTH. For the record, that’s one post everyday until September 10.

Considering that I’m now back at school I know I won’t be able to write long and carefully thought out posts all the time. Which is probably good, because that means I’m going all out and really pour out my thoughts. Not caring what anybody would say. No more reservations. I actually have a few drafted posts right now so I have a headstart, but I think it’ll only last for a week so I still have lots to do. Hopefully after one month I would develop a habit of posting often, if not everyday!

Okay. Now I’m committed. Good luck to me LOL 🙂 I do hope I don’t regret this hahaha.. ha. 😉

Do you post everyday? If so, what are your tips to help me with this challenge? If not, would you do this challenge too? Let me know!



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