Nail Art: Cotton Candy

It’s been a while!

I don’t know if you’ve seen my other nail art posts, but I love doing them! I did a barbie, converse, gumamela and summer inspired nail art before.. Oh my, I almost forgot how I loved painting my nails! I haven’t done my nails for almost two years because of my course. It is mainly related to food service which means we have to spend most of our time in the kitchen where nail polishes are not allowed because of sanitation purposes. Those times are over now that I’m in my senior year and my nails are finally free! During the summer break I actually started painted my nails regularly, but I like mine with a bit of a twist πŸ™‚

To ease myself back into nail arts, I did a pretty simple one for now… COTTON CANDY NAILS!! I am so sorry for the low quality picture 😦

cotton candy 01

The nail polishes I used are:

  • OMG Nail Lacquer in Prom Queen (lilac)
  • Chic Nail Color in Hula Hoop (mint green)
  • OMG Nail Lacquer in First Date (pink)
  • Sassy Colors Nail Polish in Iced Mint (baby blue)

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