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I haven’t even gone through the first week of my Blogging Mojo Challenge and I already forget to post. I have failed you past me. 😰 But you know what they say: better late than never right? 😁

Ever since I’ve decided to take my blog more seriously (i.e. branding and posting everyday) I find myself constantly thinking “Why do I blog again?”

why do I blog

With this question in mind, I decided to read through my previous posts starting from the very first one and found my answer. Straight through the mouth of past me. Frankly, I actually forgot I wrote this.

No. I don’t think of myself as a genius.. and I don’t think my ideas are naturally more important and interesting that other people’s. I’m not as philanthropic as Calvin. My reason of keeping a journal or a blog is to be able to voice out my thoughts and to make sense of it. I’d also love to share the things that I’m interested in, and meet people with the same interests. But like Calvin, I would try to make this blog to be as useful as possible – not only for me, but for the world as well.

Why I Keep A Journal of My Thoughts (posted Sept. 25, 2012)

So then I posted my thoughts and some articles I found interesting. After some time I started posting my DIY Arts and Crafts, Nail Arts, OOTD, Travel adventures etc… which made Simply Caramelle a full on Lifestyle blog.

Is that it? Is Simply Caramelle just a Lifestyle blog? A platform where I can dump all my ideas?

No. That’s not the only purpose. After years of having this blog I started to develop a new purpose: to INSPIRE. Not just for other people but also for me as well.

A little spark is all that is needed to create something beautiful and it will be very fulfilling if I’ll be able to help those people who need it.

Yeah I know. Totally original. But I can’t phrase it any other way. I just thought it would be best that I dedicate a post about this as I reminder to myself about what Simply Caramelle is and keep this in mind whenever I write posts.

What is your blog purpose?


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