Week 1 Recap!

I SURVIVED WEEK ONE OF THE BLOGGING MOJO CHALLENGE! Well, I did forget to post one last Friday.. but I managed to make up for it by posting two on Saturday so it’s okay. No one can complain I can change up the rules whenever I want ya know. hehe 🙂

weekly recap

I have to admit it’s pretty difficult to think of something to post every single day. If you noticed, most of them are very short. Good thing I had back up drafts that I can post whenever I’m really stuck. It also helps that I can schedule posts.

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Aug 10: Introduction to the Challenge

Find YourBloggingMojo

Yes, in an attempt to solve my dilemma I tried to consult the almighty Google and it’s vast knowledge. With 536,000,000 (wooah) results I was positive I’d be able to find good tips on blogging more often. But after typing that, I realized the question is the answer itself… and I felt stupid.

Aug 11: Thoughts on Project Semicolon

semicolon 01

I’m not one who considers self harm let alone suicide as I am very afraid of blood and death but I have my own share of depression issues. No, I am not clinically diagnosed with it and I know a lot of people out there has been through worse, but by definition I can probably say I suffer from depression. Funny how you understand things more only when you experience it.

Aug 12: Answering Questions about Blogging (Tag)


I don’t consider myself pro at blogging, but the best advice for bloggers (new or old) is just be yourself. Your blog is your world, and you can do anything you want with it. It doesn’t have to fall into a specific category. You don’t have to be like the “bigger” bloggers out there. Don’t be sad that your stats are low. Just enjoy blogging. 🙂

Aug 13: First Nail Art!

cotton candy 01

To ease myself back into nail arts, I did a pretty simple one for now… COTTON CANDY NAILS!!

Aug 15a: Thoughts on Blog Purpose

why do I blog

I just thought it would be best that I dedicate a post about this as I reminder to myself about what Simply Caramelle is and keep this in mind whenever I write posts.

Aug 15b: Back to School OOTD

dots and petals 03

Last year, my go to outfit for school was the casual jeans and t shirt because I was not really in the mood nor do I have the time and energy to put on outfits like this. I guess I’m significantly less stressed this year so I’m more inclined to dress up. Well, this is good because I’m really planning to just enjoy my last year in school so hey, I have to look pretty right?

Watch out for the next batch of posts!


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