The Anti-Social Daughter of a Social Butterfly

I know, I know. Week two was a complete fail.

I completely had no chance to blog this week because my Mom just got home from abroad so I spent free times with my family. I completely failed to schedule posts even though I had several post ideas because my days had really been so hectic. Not to mention the internet issues I have.

See? I didn’t even realize they were taking a picture because I was too busy talking to customer service regarding my mom’s roaming phone.


Anyways. I even though I failed week two I will still try to post daily. On to the actual post for today…

It’s not a secret that I’m quite the anti-social girl. It’s not that I hate chatting with others, it’s just that I’m the type whose energy for socializing is so low. The moment the crowd I’m in exceeds four, I start to hide in my shell and keep quiet for the rest of the conversation. Making friends isn’t one of my best points either. I’m not a total snob, but I seem to be that way because I don’t start conversations. Basically I’m shy, quiet and oftentimes invisible. Needless to say I’m also not keen on expressing my feelings to others.

My Mom is the complete opposite. She’s easy to be friends with, in fact she has lots of them and they all love her. She thrives in crowds. Often whenever we are walking around she’ll bump into someone she knows and talk for ages. Meanwhile I’m here at my phone trying to make use of the time to write a blog post.

We don’t really have something in common that we can bond with. She doesn’t seem to be interested on the things I like, for example, makeup fashion, books or art.

Well… Now that I think about it there’s one. In high school I had a bookkeeping subject and since she is an accountant, she would help me with homeworks. I actually considered Accounting as a career  but then I started to dislike numbers and their complexity. I do help Mom with her work whenever I can though.

Despite the difference we have a symbiotic relationship. Whenever I need something she always knows someone that could help and do favors. In return she asks me to do something (usually design related) that she can give her friends.

I may not say much but I try my best to let my Mom (and Dad! That’s for another post though…) that I love her. She understands my personality although at times she would urge (force) me to mingle and interact with other people saying that I should try to be more friendly and have fun.

Of course, I love my Mom no matter what. In a relationship there would be differences but there’s always a way to work around it and live harmoniously. I may not express this enough, I do hope my Mom feels that I care for her very much (even through my stubborn times).

Thank you Mom, for being the best.

It doesn’t have to be mother’s day for someone to dedicate a post for her Mom πŸ™‚ Do you get along well with your Mom?


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