Beauty Battle: Blending Sponges (San San vs Daiso)

If you’re like me who’s constantly looking for a relatively good and cheap alternative, I’m here to help! Please note that this is the first time I actually “review” something and I’m just listing out my thoughts. The ratings I gave are based on overall opinion about the product though. But basically, the goal for this series is to compare products and choose which of them I prefer.

The Beauty Blender is the most revolutionary makeup tool that everyone, especially beginners, must have in their kit. I personally use it for most of my makeup – BB creams, foundations, concealers and blush. You can even use it for moisturizers and primers! I read this helpful article on Birchbox about how to use a beautyblender that you might want to check out. 

Today, I’m reviewing cheap blending sponges sold here in the Philippines: San San’s and Daiso’s.

blending sponges 01

San San Blending Sponge (Php 70.00)

  • It’s slightly firm and compact
  • Has a bit rough/porous texture which helps grab more of the product
  • The curvy shape is perfect for grip but makes less surface area to work with
  • The regular size isn’t this big. This one that I bought is the biggest, the other ones at the store are a bit slimmer
  • It crumbles/shreds easily after some use. I get sponge crumbs all over when I use it. This also makes it difficult to clean.

How I recommend using it:

Just pat and roll it to blend and don’t pull skin.. preferably used damp as it crumbles more when it’s dry.

Rating: 5 out of 10 ❀

Daiso Blending Sponge (P88.00)

  • It’s softer and airy
  • Teardrop shaped; similar to the classic Beauty Blender
  • Feels smooth and soft to the skin
  • It seems to absorb less water compared to the San San one. It’s almost waterproof-like.
  • I find it a bit difficult to use for applying powder foundations because it doesn’t grab much product, probably because of the texture.

How I use it:

Spray it with water constantly. As usual, dab or pat it on the face to apply the product. It works better on liquid products.

Rating: 6 out of 10 ❀

blending sponges 04

I prefer… the Daiso blending sponge! I really like it’s texture. It feels smooth and soft so it kind of massages your face when used which is pretty nice. The San San one is better application-wise but the turn off for me is the shedding/crumbling.

Have you tried these products?


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