∞ Loop (Puzzle Game)

I just wanted to share another game on my phone that I’m currently loving: ∞ Loop. Simply put in it’s description, it is a: simple, relaxing, endless game.

image from google play

What I love about this game is its simplicity. The colors are easy on the eyes. The background music and the sound it makes whenever I tap on it  is quite relaxing too. It’s almost meditative.

image from google play

Although it is a puzzle, it doesn’t really require much thinking. You kinda get the groove of it after the first few levels. All you have to do is connect all the pieces together without having loose ends, thus creating loops. After completing a level, you get to take a snapshot pf the cool pattern it makes!

image from google play

It can get pretty monotonous at times, I admit, but it’s a good game to play during idle times. I actually play this a lot, currently I’m at level 246 😀

I’m still on a lookout for more awesome puzzle games so let me know if you can recommend some!


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