Decluttering (Attempt #1)


These boxes are making me feel very very anxious. This mess greets me every time I go home. What a perfect metaphor on whats going on with my life right now. Plenty of times I planned on clearing it up, but before I even get started I get discouraged and overwhelmed. Where would I put all these? Half of these aren’t even mine to begin with. I’m worried that I’ll just mess it up more.

The logical solution to this is to tackle it one at a time.. But you know what? I’m only human. I often let these kind of things overwhelm me. It’s paralyzing.

I know that won’t get me anywhere, and these boxes won’t clean up by themselves. However long it takes I should clean this mess up. It’ll clear up eventually, right?

Minutes later…


I tried to clean it up, but I ended up just rearranging them. I think I made it worse to be honest. My efforts weren’t completely unproductive though. There was a method to this madness. Well, kinda. I tried to sort them so that boxes with the same contents are together. I brought out the boxes with my stuff for easier access the next time I try to clean up again.

Like I said, one step at a time.

Wish me luck.


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