The Good and The Bad

I love looking back at my old posts. Whenever I read them I feel like she’s a different person.. Someone who has things figured out.

But I know better.

I have made a promise to myself that I would only post encouraging and positive posts in this blog, mainly because I know the future me will read this and I only want her to remember good times. Now, I’m starting to wonder. Will it be better if I share unresolved and negative stuff too?

I have always written negative feelings on my personal diary, and I have considered posting them here but I really did not want to taint my happy place. This blog is my happy place. Besides I didn’t think posting negative stuff will do me some good.

Basically, this is what constantly run through my mind. An internal struggle with which I cannot choose which one to go for. My thoughts are always contradicting itself. It’s like a constant debate with myself in which no one was willing to surrender.

By posting this it’s obvious I have made a decision. I won’t hold back anymore. All that is happening to me is part of growing. Everything I experience contributes to who I am and who I will be. That includes the bad things.

It’s been so long! I was waiting on returning to blogging until I have a new laptop (My old one got broken.) but I felt like I’m wasting time. For now I’ll blog through my phone!

Until next week (I hope),


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