Into the Tunnel Part One

Last April, we went to this exhibit at UP Vargas entitled “Reverb” by Mark Justiniani. It was awesome! I loved it mainly because I have always been fascinated by optical illusions. I also loved how each exhibit makes you think to the point where you wouldn’t notice you’ve been staring at it for so long. Well, at least that’s how I felt personally. Yes, these photos are that old. I guess I haven’t posted them immediately because I was waiting until I finally have the inspiration to write this post.

All these papers

I am literally one paper away from graduation and I don’t know how I feel about it. I should be happy because after six years in the university I am finally at the finish line. But I feel… lost. Scared. It feels as though I’m in front of a tunnel whose end destination I can’t see. There is only darkness. Where are those two roads diverged in a yellowed wood that Frost was talking about? At least in that poem he could actually see what’s on the road even though the he can’t also see the end of it. Here at the tunnel I’m fumbling around not knowing if it leads somewhere or if it’s just a dead end.

A Road Before Me

I am finally graduating and yet I haven’t got any idea on what to do next. I’m not the only one who has this problem right? It seems like all my friends have plans and goals which they are achieving one by one.

I could go back. I can stay tunnel entrance and live there. But that’s not a good option, is it? I have to push on and hope for the best. Somebody might have left a flashlight or a lamp somewhere to help me. Who knows. Until then, I just have to make sure that my journey will be worthwhile. Somehow.

My recent posts have a theme: lost and stuck. I have this habit of writing in a way that is pessimistic yet trying to be optimistic and it gets confusing most of the time. I used to be quite self conscious about it that’s why I find it difficult to write but now I try not to mind it. No holding back and just letting my thoughts pour. This is what my blog is intended for.

So far I’ve been posting on schedule! I have a few Style Diary backlogs, maybe I’ll post that next. Until then,


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