Into the Tunnel Part Two

Yep. Part Dos. When I wrote that I did not expect to write a second part. Funny how things can get turned around quickly and unexpectedly. I was going to post a different one but the internet connection won’t cooperate so I just gave up. It seems like today’s post was meant for this.

I said in the last one I should hope for the best and push on, maybe someday I’ll find a flashlight to guide me. Well, I pushed on, but I didn’t find a flashlight. While fumbling around I found…

A door. Literally and figuratively.

The day after Into the Tunnel Part 1 was published, I woke up early. I decided that I wanted to eat McDonald’s for breakfast so I went to the nearest one which was at a mall. They had wifi so I took the time to browse for job openings. I wanted one that is only temporary; something to pass the time and gain experience while making a bit of money. I found quite a few that matches my skills and background but nothing that really piques my interest. I have been sitting there for about three hours with my coffee long gone so I decided to walk around since the mall was already open by then.

That’s when I found a job ad on the door of a cafe and cake shop. I didn’t even read the ad thoroughly. When I saw the word “barista” I immediately decided I’m going to apply there. I have always wanted to try to be a barista. I thought it would be a good temporary job. I’d share my application experience but this is already becoming long so that’s for another post.

So long story short, I applied. But I didn’t get the barista job. They wanted me as a management trainee and I agreed without thinking it through. Bear in mind that I haven’t applied to any job before so I wasn’t really familiar with all the things I should do. In my mind I was only planning short term but I’m suddenly offered this job so I thought it would be a good opportunity and I should grab it.

One week in and I noticed they do not have a proper organizational structure yet and their operations needs improvement. It’s difficult especially since I have no idea what to do. I’m constantly at a loss. There were moments where I question whether I made the right decision but this is part of going out of your comfort zone. Thanks to the support of my friends and family, I would get through this. They remind me that this is for my growth.

My goal is to have a great impact on this company and leave my mark. That’s a good mindset, right? There’s a lot to improve in that company which is a challenge. Challenges are good. I’m nervous, but I’ve gone this far so I should put my game face on. Let’s see where this tunnel leads.

The door in the tunnel leads to another tunnel. It’s still scary and dark, but not as much as before because now I can see a faint light at the distance. Moral: Don’t lose hope. But most importantly, get up and act if you want a change in your life. There is hope. I have to keep reminding myself that.

Cheers to a new beginning! Happy holidays everyone!


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