Style Diary: Sweet Peach

I was going to wait on posting until I’ve finally finished redecorating/rebranding my blogs (I consider my twitter and IG as blogs too) but the backlogs and thought journals I have in my Google Keep are starting to pile up. These need to be posted soon while they are still relevant to me. That being said these photos were taken a year ago… but I still wear this same outfit on several occasions… so yeah. Relevant. . .

casual peach and blue

I was at my best friend’s graduation day at the time. Flash forward and now I was the one who graduated! Shoot. I should’ve taken a photo at the same spot. Opportunity missed. Oh well.

blue and peach casual outfit

A year had passed but I feel like I haven’t changed. Physically, I mean. I’m constantly mistaken for a high schooler which, to be honest, isn’t really that bad. Having a baby face has its advantages! For one, drivers assume I’m still a student so they give me fare discounts. Can you guess how old I really am?

casual outfit blue and peach

So about my outfit. I’m really into peaches and corals recently. I love how these colors just look so light and very pleasing to the eye. I like pairing them with blue like this pants along with nude shoes or sandals. Sadly, I don’t have the sandals I wearing in this anymore. I used to wear them all the time. I buy nude sandals often now because of that.

I know. I glazed over the fact that I finally graduated. I keep telling myself to write about it, hopefully in the next post, we’ll see.



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