About Simply Caramelle

Hi there! If you think I look familiar, don’t think too hard. I don’t go out much and I’m very socially awkward so most likely, we haven’t met before. I just have one of those generic faces. I’m a hospitality management graduate but deep inside I’m a frustrated artist-slash-photographer-slash-makeup artist. I have a soft spot for baby animals. (Who doesn’t?)

I created Simply Caramelle to serve as my thought portal. Here, I express my thoughts, show my creative works and share the things I’m currently interested in… mostly about beauty, fashion and DIYs. I also share my life experiences – the ups and downs. Just like in any other blog, I hope my posts will be helpful, informative and inspiring to you.

I do tend to go on hiatus and completely stop posting in here from time to time. More often than I’d like, to be honest, but I don’t want to post something forced and rushed.

I’d love to hear from you though! If you have questions, advice, requests, or anything… you may email me at elleescobia@gmail.com. or you can just DM me on twitter or instagram, @simplycaramelle. I will try to respond as soon as possible!


2 thoughts on “About Simply Caramelle

  1. Hi Elle! My name is Rachel and I live in the United States. I am in my freshman year in highschool and I am also Filipino. I came accross your blog and think that it’s very inspiring. I just want to thank you for sharing all of your thoughts, ideas, and projects with us. I recently made my own planner because of you, and let me tell you it has really helped my daily life. Now I don’t have to stress about where I’m going and when, I just look at my planner. It also hleps with commitment. I used to promise my friends that I would hang out with them and I would forget that I had something going on later that day, so thank you very much for your inspiration. Can’t wait to here from you!
    Rachel ❤


    1. Awwwwwww! Rachel you made my day! It’s so sweet of you :’) I’m actually going through something at the moment and your comment really lifted my spirits up. I’m sooo sooo happy that I actually helped someone. Like, I literally can’t stop smiling! :))) Good luck on your planner! I know how useful that is especially for school.. 🙂 Follow me on my social medias so we can talk more ❤


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