Makeup Diary: Finally

I have always been a makeup enthusiast, but you can't tell immediately. I can't say I'm surprised because even in real life I would usually sport the "no makeup" makeup look. I don't own loads of makeup either. I'm not even big on makeup brands. As long as it good and it works, I'm happy... Continue Reading →


Beauty Battle: Blending Sponges (San San vs Daiso)

If you're like me who's constantly looking for a relatively good and cheap alternative, I'm here to help! Please note that this is the first time I actually "review" something and I'm just listing out my thoughts. The ratings I gave are based on overall opinion about the product though. But basically, the goal for... Continue Reading →

Nail Art: Cotton Candy

It's been a while! I don't know if you've seen my other nail art posts, but I love doing them! I did a barbie, converse, gumamela and summer inspired nail art before.. Oh my, I almost forgot how I loved painting my nails! I haven't done my nails for almost two years because of my... Continue Reading →

Converse Nail Art

A friend of mine noticed that I started doing nail art and she asked me if I can do hers as well. Being the good friend that I am, *eherm*, I said yes. She requested the converse inspired one. So for practice, I decided to try it on me first. I think it turned out... Continue Reading →

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