Haiku Games Puzzle Adventure

  In my previous posts I have shared a few puzzle games that I liked. I am constantly looking for more.. in fact I have played several escape room apps. That's when Haiku Games came up in my recommended games. Unlike other adventure puzzle games where you mostly find hidden items, they mostly make adventure... Continue Reading →


Games! Until Dawn (Decision Based Game)

So I guess this will be a new series here on the blog now. 🙂 I may not look like it but I'm also interested in gaming, mostly because of YouTube influence. I watch Let's Play series a lot. It started with Minecraft videos a few years back, and from there I discovered a bunch... Continue Reading →

Games! ∞ Loop (Puzzle Game)

I just wanted to share another game on my phone that I'm currently loving: ∞ Loop. Simply put in it's description, it is a: Simple, relaxing, endless game. What I love about this game is its simplicity. The colors are easy on the eyes. The background music and the sound it makes whenever I tap on... Continue Reading →

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