You Probably Instagrammed These As Well…

If you also follow Kamogelo's blog, From 18 to Life, you might've seen her post called 5 Things We Have All Instagrammed. I've read it and realized, I did have those pictures! I was inspired to write my own post about it and share my take on the five things we all Instagram! #1 Coffee Continue Reading →


Week 1 Recap!

I SURVIVED WEEK ONE OF THE BLOGGING MOJO CHALLENGE! Well, I did forget to post one last Friday.. but I managed to make up for it by posting two on Saturday so it's okay. No one can complain I can change up the rules whenever I want ya know. hehe 🙂 I have to admit it's... Continue Reading →


Thank you Joana for the tag! I'm on a roll with these tag/award posts, hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂 The rules are simple: list 10 things you love, 10 things you hate and pass it on by tagging up to 10 people. Here are things I LOVE, in no particular... Continue Reading →

Eight Photos of Happiness

Finally able to post this!! YAY! This tag is a bit different... but I love it! Lauren and Rachel over at The Flower that Blooms nominated me. Thank you loves! Most of the pictures I have on here are from my instagram account as I always try to post pictures there of my happy moments and adventures. Well... Continue Reading →

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Michelle over at Sugardust and Starlight nominated me! Thanks Michelle! This is actually a long overdue post but hey I'm finally able to post it. Yay! In a previous #ltbloggers Twitter chat we talked about how helpful these kinds of post are because it paves way for the readers (and other bloggers!) to get to know... Continue Reading →

BlogLovin and Giveaway Alert :D

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yeah.. I finally joined Bloglovin! At first I didn't want to, but sometimes my WordPress Reader just won't work properly and Bloglovin is a great alternative to keep me updated about posts from different kinds of blogs I follow. (To tell you the truth, I joined mainly because of ReNu's... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was just planning on what I should post when I saw a comment from A. ♥ from Galaxy Star 7 saying that she nominated me for the versatile blogger award. I was completely pleasantly surprised that somebody appreciated my blog enough to give it an award! Again, thank you A. ♥~! Check out her... Continue Reading →

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