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Style Diary: Often

I'm back with another style diary post!! YAAS. Lately, I find myself grabbing the same clothing item whenever I go out - which is fine by me because I love those items - but bad for style diary posts. Nevertheless, Here's another style diary post! Yay! You might find something familiar about this look. Yes.… Continue reading Style Diary: Often


You Probably Instagrammed These As Well…

If you also follow Kamogelo's blog, From 18 to Life, you might've seen her post called 5 Things We Have All Instagrammed. I've read it and realized, I did have those pictures! I was inspired to write my own post about it and share my take on the five things we all Instagram! #1 Coffee… Continue reading You Probably Instagrammed These As Well…

Outfit of the Day

Style Diary: Best Trick Ever

I own a lot of dresses, as you can probably tell from previous Style Diary posts, but all of them are on the formal side so I can't really wear them often without looking overdressed. Thankfully I learned a trick from the wise gurus of the Internet and YouTube: dressing down with cardigans. Needless to say I use… Continue reading Style Diary: Best Trick Ever

Story Time

Story Time: Internal Struggle

One, two, three... I try to block the flooding thoughts in my mind by counting the lonely stars that didn't shy away from Manila's pollution. I can only see part of the night sky through my small, window.. but it's good enough. four, five... I've always loved looking at the sky, especially at night. There's… Continue reading Story Time: Internal Struggle