Style Diary: Sweet Peach

I was going to wait on posting until I've finally finished redecorating/rebranding my blogs (I consider my twitter and IG as blogs too) but the backlogs and thought journals I have in my Google Keep are starting to pile up. These need to be posted soon while they are still relevant to me. That being said these photos were... Continue Reading →


Style Diary: Ready for Combat

Let's take a break from the #adulting stuff... we'll keep today's post light with a style diary! I was going through the boxes again (which by the way is still a mess) and found the boots along with my other old stuff. Now if you've spent quite a bit of time browsing through outfits in... Continue Reading →

Style Diary: Best Trick Ever

I own a lot of dresses, as you can probably tell from previous Style Diary posts, but all of them are on the formal side so I can't really wear them often without looking overdressed. Thankfully I learned a trick from the wise gurus of the Internet and YouTube: dressing down with cardigans. Needless to say I use... Continue Reading →

Style Diary: Lookin’ Fierce

Let's just say I pretty much enjoyed this OOTD shoot. First of all, even though we were at the mall there were not many people around where we shot these so I wasn't feeling awkward at all. Second, we were just at a magazine event so I guess I was inspired and thought I was in... Continue Reading →

Style Diary: Dots and Petals

Here's a quick OOTD! I've mentioned this on twitter already, but I'm back in school! This outfit is actually what I wore on the first day and it kinda kicked off my outfits for the following days. Last year, my go to outfit for school was the casual jeans and t shirt because I was... Continue Reading →

Style Diary: Pose for the Camera

I'm not good in front of the camera. There I said it. Whenever I'm shooting these OOTD pictures I always do the same poses. I feel awkward. I'm more comfortable being behind the camera instead. This is also the reason why I usually have a single photo for my OOTDs. This time though, I was... Continue Reading →

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