Into the Tunnel Part One

Last April, we went to this exhibit at UP Vargas entitled "Reverb" by Mark Justiniani. It was awesome! I loved it mainly because I have always been fascinated by optical illusions. I also loved how each exhibit makes you think to the point where you wouldn't notice you've been staring at it for so long.… Continue reading Into the Tunnel Part One


The Anti-Social Daughter of a Social Butterfly

I know, I know. Week two was a complete fail. I completely had no chance to blog this week because my Mom just got home from abroad so I spent free times with my family. I completely failed to schedule posts even though I had several post ideas because my days had really been so… Continue reading The Anti-Social Daughter of a Social Butterfly


Not Just a Semicolon

Have you heard of #ProjectSemiColon? I have recently come across this when one of my Facebook friends shared a photo of her tattoo which is a semicolon on her wrist. At first I thought it was just my friend being creative and deep once again but then it seemed like I always see those semicolons everywhere.… Continue reading Not Just a Semicolon